Bracing For Low Back Pain In Richmond

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If you are struggling with low back pain, you may benefit from a back brace. Our Richmond chiropractic clinic has experience in proper back bracing. Continue reading to learn more.

How To Wear Your Back Brace

The Core Lumbar Brace should be placed with the apple tag at the top center of your lower back. The top of the brace should be about 2 inches above your hip (iliac crest). It should NOT be higher than your belly button.

The brace should be very snug.

Dr. Green's Recommendations In Richmond

Dr. Green usually recommends taking the brace off once every 2 hours for 5 minutes. Your usual restroom break will suffice.

The brace should only be used for acute/recent injuries. This is not intended for daily/regular use.

You may stand or sit with the brace. Please remove the brace to sleep at night or lie down.

You could use the brace as an ice pack holder for your lower back-but it will not be snug enough to support your lower back as the brace is intended.

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