Spinal Molding is an exercise our Richmond chiropractor can teach you to improve posture and eliminate neck and back pain. The next progression is to strengthen the posture and core muscles with Fulcra Exercises.

The neck fulcrum should be snug against your shoulders. The bump of the beginning low back fulcrum should be placed under the UPPER lumbar bones. Place one finger on your belly button. Place two fingers above the belly button finger. Slide the two fingers across abdomen to the last rib-this is where the center of the bump should be placed.

There are THREE levels of Spinal Molding (scroll below to see all THREE).


Intermediate Level

Advanced Level

These core and posture exercises help to restore your correct spinal alignment, allow better posture and less muscle pain due to muscle weakness and fatigue. The use of these devices should be prescribed by your chiropractor and may help reduce pain and limitation from many injuries, including disc herniation, sprains or strains to the neck and low back.

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