Low-Inflammatory Diet in Richmond VA

Chiropractic Richmond VA Low Inflammation Diet

Your diet can impact inflammation in your body. Some inflammation is good. Some inflammation is not so good. The not so good inflammation can exacerbate pain, autoimmune issues and chronic inflammatory conditions in Richmond VA, like rheumatoid arthritis or degenerative joint or disc disease.

The recommendations for a diet that encourages good inflammation in Richmond VA are:

1. Avoid refined sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Women should consume a maximum of 24 grams or 6 teaspoons of sugar per day. Several Associations promote this-Heart, Diabetes, Dental and Pediatric to name a few. Low inflammatory diets should have little to no refined sugar consumption.

2. Consume a diet low in saturated fat.

3. Balance blood level of Omega 6 to Omega 3-goal is 1:1 ratio on blood test.

Omega 3 oils are commonly called fish oils, although there are many other sources for Omega 3 fats. Amercians over consume Omega 6 fats, particularly since most animals we consume (like cows and chickens) are fed a diet high in corn. These meats are then rich in Omega 6 fats.

Additionally, many common oils used to make processed and prepared foods are rich in Omega 6 oils, causing most Americans to have too much Omega 6 in their blood and not enough Omega 3.

Omega Quant is a company that offers a finger prick blood test to evaluate every 4 months until the desired ratio is reached. https://omegaquant.com/about/#

Trusted brands for Omega 3 supplements are Pure Encapulations, Metagenics and Biotic.

If you are a current patient at Aligned Chiropractic, we can make a supplement recommendation through the online service FullScript. You can then decide if you would like to order it and ship it to your home. https://fullscript.com/

4. Healthy gut biome.

Lactobacillus and bifidobacillus probiotics can help re-establish. Healthy diet can keep it.

5. High fiber intake - try incorporating PLAIN oatmeal with fruit as a sweetener.

6. Increased Phenols-herbs like Berberine, Resveratrol, Boswellia Serenata, Turmeric and Curcumin.

All berries, dark-skinned grapes, pomegranates and other fruits with dark red and purple pigments are richer in phenols.

Consider consulting with a Functional Medicine doctor to navigate this diet change.

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