This is the most impactful tool your Richmond chiropractor can prescribe, but you need to be tested before you can perform this isometric exercise.

The Pettibon Head Weights stimulates an isometric contraction of not only the neck posture muscles, but the posture muscles of the entire spine-upper back, mid-back and low back. Your whole spine and core must work to hold up with weight of your big heavy head, which on its own weighs about 10 pounds. Using the head weight increases the endurance of the spine and core posture muscles.

Think of this as endurance training for your core posture muscles. These muscles have to work hard all day long to hold up your heavy head, especially if your head projects forward because of your posture choice.

There are conditions called Forward Head Posture, or Text Neck, or Anterior Head Carriage. These are all different names for the extremely similar conditions.

The Pettibon Head Weight is much more powerful than the Cervical Resisted Range of Motion Exercises, the Pettibon Spinal Molding, or Pettibon Fulcra Exercises. These exercises are beneficial as well, but they compare to using your right arm to provide resistance for your left bicep vs using 20-pound arm weight.

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