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This page is designed for our patients. There are specific reasons we may suggest these providers or products for a particular patient. These may not be appropriate for all people - see our Richmond chiropractor, Dr. Teresa Green, for recommendations. She does not receive any benefit from recommending these providers or products.

Many women suffer from neck and upper back pain. An overlooked cause can be the stress of the weight of the breast tissue, or an ill-fitted bra that places too much weight on the shoulders and pulls on the lower neck.

If your rib cage is less than 32 inches in diameter or larger than 40 inches, you may have a hard time finding a proper fitting undergarment.

Additionally, many bras are designed to be very stretchy, and this fabric may not provide the type of support needed.

Following the recommendations from a professional bra fitting can help decrease neck and upper back pain. Having a live person fit is is our best recommendation, because of the firm fit and need to learn the keys to a proper fit. Here in Richmond we suggest (We do not receive any benefit from our recommendations):

Online instructions and videos are available from these retailers, but a good fit may be very different than your current size and comfort. We do not receive any benefit from our recommendations.

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