Facet Syndrome in Richmond

Facet Syndrome in Richmond VA

Do you have back pain in Richmond? Our Richmond chiropractic team aim to use this article to guide you in the right direction to answer these questions and more.

Facet Joints

The facet joints are not only found in the low back, but they most commonly become jammed or dysfunctional in the low back. These joints allow most of the motion in the vertebral column and if they become misaligned or subluxated, joint dysfunction occurs. When this happens, you may have low back pain.

This is the first step in many other conditions-lack of normal joint function leads to loss of synovial fluid on the facet and joint surfaces, which increases resistance to motion and friction at the joint level. This can be the initial step causing lack of motion in the vertebral column, which can lead to dehydration, or desiccation, of the spinal discs. Desiccation of the disc can predispose the disc to injuries, like annular tears or herniations.Chiropractic Richmond VA Facet Syndrome

Chiropractic care and adjustments can restore normal joint function in the low back, and restore the hydration and synovial fluid in the joints. Thus, resolving the facet syndrome and low back pain.

Cox Flexion Distraction technique can be very helpful in resolving this condition.

Continued self care, like use of the wobble chair, can maintain the motion in the facet joints and allow proper hydration of the discs and ligaments of the spine. This is one way to prevent or minimize future injury to these structures.

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