Ice Or Heat In Richmond

Chiropractic Richmond VA Ice Or Heat

After your first adjustment or any adjustment that results in soreness from our Richmond chiropractic clinic, use ice on the recommended body region.

How To Ice Properly In Richmond

Place an ice pack on the area for 20 minutes. Remove the ice for 40 minutes. This is a one-hour cycle. You MAY repeat this cycle every hour if needed. For many patients, Dr. Green will suggest one to three ice sessions in the 24 hours following your treatment.

If you are concerned that you MIGHT be sore after treatment, you may use the ice as described.

When in doubt, ice it out!

If you have a NEW injury or pain, use ice treatments for the first 48 hours or until you can see your chiropractor.

When To Use Heat

If you have an ongoing complaint-one that has not gone away for several months-then heat may be your better option to increase the mobility of your joints and muscles.

With either ice or heat, apply the treatment to the body part for 20 minutes, then remove it for 40 minutes. This is a one-hour cycle. You may repeat this every hour if needed.

If you are not certain, or really prefer to try the heat treatment, apply the heat for 20 minutes, followed immediately by ice treatment for 20 minutes. Then leave all treatments off for 40 minutes.

When you are not certain which treatment is best, always end with ice. Please ask your chiropractor about your best options.

Heat increases the blood flow to an area and can loosen tight muscles and ligaments. If you have chronic or degenerative changes, heat treatment and increase the flexibility of these brittle tissues.

If you have an inflamed area, applying ice can cause the blood volume to decrease, or push the stagnant blood out of the region. This allows new blood cells to enter the region and bring in the needed supplies (white blood cells) to repair your injuries.

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