If you have any concerns about your disc health or have suffered from low back pain and disc herniations, wobbling may be your new best friend. Learn more below about wobble chair exercises from your Richmond chiropractor below.

There are two parts to this equation - motion and water. And the good news is that you only need to wobble on the days you use your spine. See our disc injury page for more information.

How the Wobble Chair Works

The first part of the equation is motion at the joint level. If the joint is restricted, you may need your female chiropractor, Dr. Teresa Green, to perform a specific chiropractic adjustment to restore motion at the joint level first. Then you may maintain that motion by performing daily wobble low back exercises.

There are three basic motions in wobbling and they are designed to re-hydrate all sections of the disc: the arch and slouch motion targets the front and back of the disc. The side to side motion targets the sides of the disc. And the X pattern targets the remaining 4 corners of the discs. The back corners and back side of the disc are were most disc herniations occur.

Initially, you rest your hands on the wobble chair handles, but your goal is to rest your hands on your knees to increase the balance and proprioception needed to coordinate the motions. This will target the spinal stabilizing muscles which makes this a great core and low back exercise.

The amount of time spent wobbling is CRITICAL. At around 7-8 minutes of wobbling, you create enough motion to "heat" the disc and ligament tissue enough to begin to change its state from a solid to more of a liquid. This is when you begin to remodel the disc and ligament tissue. This is when you begin to heal and seal up cracks and tears in the disc and ligaments.

The total time recommended for wobbling is 15 CONSECUTIVE minutes per session. Then for 6 minutes after your wobble session, you need to avoid any slouching or seated postures, as this is the time it takes for the disc and ligament tissue to cool down and return to its more normal solid state.

IT can take about 2 years of daily wobbling to maximally re-hydrate the discs and ligaments of the spine. HAPPY WOBBLING, if Dr. Green has recommended this spine and low back exercise for you.

The second part of the equation is water. You must have enough water in your diet and in your body so that your body can share the water with your spine discs and ligaments.

Portable Wobble Chair

The portable wobble chair is a great option for at-home low back exercise, or for those patients who travel often and need relief from low back pain or are treating disc herniations. Our Richmond chiropractor, Dr. Teresa Green, will prescribe these exercises if they are appropriate for your spine condition.

Below is what you will need to make your own portable wobble chair:

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