Eat Lindt Chocolate – It is Good for Your Back and Joint Pain

Eat Lindt Chocolate - It Is Good For Your Back and Joint Pain

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Well, sort of. There are a few steps to get to this conclusion, but there is truth to this statement.

Lindt chocolate, in addition to being scrumdilioucious, has a wonderful plan to help with your health: training your palate to appreciate LESS sugar and more chocolate.

Lindt offers a progression of chocolates, starting with 78% chocolate and increasing to 95% chocolate. The higher the chocolate content is, the lower the sugar content is.

With each progression you start to appreciate the flavors OTHER than sugar.

You see, our American diet is so HEAVY in sugar, that for many of us, it is all we taste and crave. This increased sugar (and calorie intake) has helped America become the most overweight country in the world. More weight on our bodies means more back pain, joint pain, diabetes, heart disease and dental cavities.

So you see, eating the higher chocolate content Lindt chocolate is good for you - in moderation. Sugar has been added to so many foods that you would never even think have any business with added sugar. Our kids have so much sugar in their foods that their developing palates are being trained to be sugar junkies.

My recommendation is to have a square or two of Lindt chocolate each night instead of your current dessert. And look at your condiments - start choosing mustard over ketchup, and salad dressings without added sugar (or olive oil and balsamic vinegar or simple spices like salt, pepper, garlic and parsley) and make 2020 the year your start to lose your added sugar problem, and help your joint and back pain disappear as you lighten up!

Life is sweet. Your food choices don’t need to be!

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